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Trending Bachelorette Party Themes

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

We are obsessed with scouting the latest trends in Bachelorette parties. We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest themes, party decorations, and activities. Today we are loving Bond Girl, Veuve Before Vows, and Butterflies.

Bond Girl

We finally found a use for our Pinterest boards! Why not make your favorite outfits into an entire party theme? See our Bond Girl, Old Money, and Glitz and Glam style boards Here. We also saw this theme on TikTok and it immediately made us want to get married tomorrow. The luxury, the champagne, the glam, we are here for it. This theme is perfect for the glamourous bride who wants to sparkle and shine. Click Here to see our favorite outfit for this party theme. For this party theme, focus on classy dinners to show off your classic bond girl attire and then change into something that sparkles for the Club. We want to see all the glitter, fur, pearls, sequins, feathers, and lace. Bring your Bond Girl to the Yacht Club for a boating day, drink martinis and champagne, and decorate in glitter and gold.

Veuve Before Vows

We of course love champagne anything, but we've never had a better reason to wear the color orange until now. See this outfit HERE. We are one step ahead of you and already created a Pinterest board. See HERE for all of your party decoration must-haves. You won't go wrong decorating everything in pink and orange and even dressing in pink and orange. A champagne wall is a must, everyone will need a champagne bong, and don't forget the Prosecco pong.


We love embracing our soft feminine side with a butterfly-themed party. Decorate with flowers, and soft pastel colors like blue, purple, and pink. We want to see a garden dinner party and an outdoor picnic. You can even purchase a butterfly growing kit before the party and release them during the weekend. This theme also gives us a reason to drink Empress Gin. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for the prettiest purple drinks you will ever see.

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