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Things to do at Your Bachelorette Party in Cleveland

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Cleveland has every activity you could ever want you just need to know how to find it. We brainstormed over 100 things to do in Cleveland for your bachelorette or bachelor party. Here are 10 ideas to consider.

Boating - There are several ways to get out on Lake Erie and enjoy the water. Let us help you plan the perfect boating day! Options include sailing, boating, kayaking, Cleveland Tiki Barge, Cleveland Brew Boat, GoodTime III, and more.

Bottle Service - It's always more fun with bottle service. FWD and Good Night John Boy are our top two picks.

Private Chef - If you are planning a chill night in we highly recommend hiring a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal.

Wine Tasting in Geneva - Geneva, Ohio is located 40 minutes east of Cleveland and offers 20+ different wineries. We have been to all of them, but Laurentia and M Cellars are our top two favorites.

Day Trip to Cedar Point - America's 6th best amusement park is located an hour west of Cleveland. Why not include a day trip to Cedar Point in your weekend itinerary?

Bouquet Making Class - It's a good idea to incorporate some downtime into your schedule. Not everyone is able to drink three days straight. Why not visit the Blossom Flower Bar?

Friendship Photoshoot - We love the idea of incorporating a photographer into your weekend to capture some special moments. You could either hire a photographer for fun group photos or host a boudoir photoshoot for the bride. We recommend Boudoir by Victoria Blaire.

Yoga - We love including relaxing activities in your agenda. Morning yoga is a great group activity that can you help you rejuvenate after a night of drinking. We recommend booking with Encompass Fitness.

Neighborhood Bar Crawl - Tremont and Ohio City are our top two picks for a great neighborhood bar crawl. East 4th and West 6th are also great options.

If you loved any of the ideas listed above then know this is just the tip of the iceberg! We have 100 more ideas and can curate a custom itinerary for your trip. We can also source vendors and secure reservations. Visit our Pricing page to learn more about our party planning options.

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