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Bachelorette Party Outfit Theme Ideas

One of the best parts about a bachelorette party are the outfits, dress up nights, and costumes.

Here is a list of all of the dress themes we haves seen. Pick one for the whole weekend or a different dress code for each activity.

Till Death Do Us Part - everyone wears black and the brides wears white

Disco Cowgirl

Tequila Sunrise - Pink, Orange, Red

Veuve Before Vows - Pink and Orange

On Cloud Nine - everyone wears baby blue and the bride wears white

Back to the 90s

Barbie Girls

Animal Print

Sparkle Everywhere

Electric Love - neon colors

Paint the Town Red

Pretty in Pink

Euphoria - everyone wear something iridescent

Mama Mia - pink, blue, white

Last Disco - silver disco attire


Feathers - wear anything that has feathers

Dress Like the Bride - everyone wears white

Denim and Diamonds

Love is in Bloom - everyone wears florals or pastels

Country Club - tennis skirts and polos

Pajama Party

Kiss the Single Life Goodbye - pink and red

Color Palette - provide a color palette of 3-5 of the brides favorite colors

Diamond and Her Gems - gemstone colors

She Found Her Lover - Pink, Blue, Purple

Roaring 20s

Bright and Tight - Totally 80's

Color Night - everyone wears the same color (purple, blue, pink, orange, etc)


Wigs - Everyone wears a different color wig

Glitz and Glam

Coastal Grandma


Dress like the Groom

Taylor Swift Eras

Mean Girls


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