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Bachelorette Party Location Ideas

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We asked over 100 brides where they are going for their bachelorette party and here is what we learned. The destination selection was far more widespread than we expected. The feedback left us with nearly 50 different destinations. While many factors such as budgets, schedules, and ability to travel factor into selecting the final destination, we know you can have fun in any city.

Here are the answers we weren't surprised to hear:

  1. New Orleans

  2. Scottsdale

  3. Savannah

  4. Nashville

  5. Vegas

  6. Chicago

  7. Dallas

  8. Austin

  9. NAPA

  10. Disney

  11. NYC

  12. Atlanta

  13. Boston

  14. Denver

  15. Mexico

Here are the destinations that surprised us but we loved to hear:

  1. Cleveland

  2. Put-In-Bay

  3. Traverse City

  4. Gatlinburg

  5. St Petersburg

  6. Cape Cod

  7. Poconos

  8. Marco Island, FL

  9. Atlantic City, NJ

  10. San Diego

  11. Tybee Island

  12. British Columbia

  13. Finger Lakes

  14. Puerto Rico

Here are the destinations we would have never thought to consider:

  1. Riviera Maya

  2. Saratoga Springs, NY

  3. Wisconsin

  4. Galveston, TX

  5. Fort Worth, TX

  6. Rehoboth Beach, DE

  7. Cape May, NJ

  8. New Port, RI

  9. Gulf Shores, AL

  10. New Port, RI

  11. Salem, MA

We also know that Just about anywhere in Florida is a suitable destination for a bachelorette weekend!

  1. Tampa

  2. St. Pete

  3. Destin

  4. Disney

  5. Orlando

  6. Bahamas

  7. Fort Lauderdale

  8. Miami

  9. St. Augustine

  10. Cruise

  11. Indian Shores

  12. Key West

  13. Panama City Beach

While we love Cleveland we can also plan a party for any destination. Visit our Pricing page to get started with your booking!

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